“Ms. Barbara Pitcher has directed thirteen new plays by new American Playwrights for us . . . and has demonstrated the highest quality of Artistry one can imagine.

. . . Ms. Pitcher has shown an unique ability to help the Actors arrive at a sensitive and powerful performance that always is rewarding for the Playwright and the Audience.  Her ability to help guide the Playwrights in subtle and even larger alteration if needed is extremely gentle and always effective.

I  highly recommend Ms. Pitcher to direct any new play (or Classical) for any Theatre Company because she knows how to get the best work out of the Artists and she treats them with the dignity that they deserve.”

James Jennings

Artistic Director

American Theatre Of Actors

314 West 54th Street

New York City 10019

“I would like to express my gratitude to Barbara Pitcher and her actors in coaching and rehearsal sessions for allowing me to experience their creative work.  It has given me the opportunity to observe and study how deep inward exploration in acting technique leads to an effective creative product.

Ms. Pitcher’s work has provided essential substance for my Ph.D. Research (European Graduate School, Leuk, Switzerland) on the connections between sensory introspective work, the effectiveness of artistic expression and its product: the emergence of the shared human spirit.

(Working title: “Luxurious Surrender: Working With Barbara Pitcher)”

Yvonne Parma, M.Ed.

“Barbara Pitcher combines a highly professional and rigorous approach to the work with a holistic and nurturing sensibility.  Her commitment to process and discovery, to an underlying emotional logic in the work is outstanding.”

Eric Barkin

Worked Privately, and Member of Theater Workshop

Cast member of “Variations By Mr. P.”

Mazur Theatre, New York City

“Special thanks to my director, the passionate Barbara Pitcher!”

Randee Mia Berman

One Woman Show “Tina Modoti”, Womenkind III Festival

One Dream Theatre, New York City

“. . . Barbara Pitcher director - her tireless commitment, inspiration and insight.”

New Renaissance Chamber Artists

“Prisms” World Premier, A Theatre Piece With Music

Mark Grant, Composer, Writer - Rob Maniscalso, Actor.

Weill Recital Hall, at Carnegie Hall, New York City

“The thing I appreciated most about Barbara’s work as a director was the freedom she gave her actors to explore every aspect of their roles.  She encouraged this process of discovery, never allowing us merely to repeat what worked in yesterday’s rehearsal, but always pushing us to go deeper, to find more in our selves to bring the character to life.

She urged us to look beyond the surface of the text, beyond the obvious choice in our work.  It was only after this process that she gave shape to the piece as a whole.  Because of this, I felt that as an actor I was able to achieve a richer, more intimate reality on the stage. 

Rarely have I enjoyed a rehearsal process more or have I found it more rewarding.”

Laura LeBlanc

Cast Member of:

“Variations By Mr. P.”

Mazur Theatre, New York City

“Beach Chairs” & “Judith’s Story”

Sargent Theatre

American Theatre Of Actors, New York City

“Barbara Pitcher will free up your acting so that you will find new depths and dimensions--it’s a very joyful experience.  You can dance on the ceiling while giving a serious, playful, funny--and wholly realistic performance.”

Diane Jean George

Workshop, Theatre Company, Private Acting & Music Coaching

Gloria - “White Liar”, (Debut, One Woman Play)

Musical Theatre Works, New York City

“Barbara Pitcher’s Theatre Company has allowed me, as an actress, to learn  through her specific technique, to create and mold characters in a very positive and goal reaching way.  I personally, found this theatre to be a clear and concise experience--encouraging and reality based for successful acting in any professional situation.”

Jennifer Roalsen

Workshop and Theatre Company Member

Ruth - “The Homecoming”

Sonia - “Uncle Vanya”

Ladona Martinelli - “Anthem To A Catbird” (NYC Debut)

Lincoln Center’s Bruno Walter, New York City

“Taking Barbara Pitcher’s Workshop was an enlightening and moving experience  Her method allowed me to get in touch with the inner self, which is the wellspring of creativity and emotion,  As a result, the writing process which was initiated in class resulted in a piece produced in the theatre,  I could not have progressed so much in so short a time without Barbara’s gentle direction and professional concern.”

Abby Henig

Actor/Writer Workshop

Writer - “Variations By Mr. P.” (NYC Debut)

Mazur Theatre, New York City

“Barbara Pitcher -To my dear friend and director for your untiring commitment and dedication to our play, “Ancestral Ghosts”. . . “

Betty Jane Isquith

Private Dramaturge Sessions

“Judith’s Story” - Sargent Theatre

“Ancestral Ghosts” - Chernuchin Theatre

American Theatre Of Actors, New York City

The not-so-merry wives of Stratford

“. . . Isquith’s play is full of strong, beautifully drawn roles for women.  Director Barbara Pitcher had the luxury of a strong cast, even in minor roles.  Pitcher’s dedication to the project was evident in the high level of performances throughout. . .“


Review by Julie Halpern

“Judith’s Story”

Written by Betty Jane Isquith

Directed by Barbara Pitcher

The American Theatre of Actors

314 W. 54th St. (581-3044)

(closes April 29)

“There's no way tonight's Tribute would have been possible without you and your great beauty, heart, talent, commitment, passion, caring, and striving for excellence.

Thanks for holding and nurturing the vision with me and for being such an amazing creative collaborator and friend.

Jai Guru Deva Om -- “

Joe Raiola

Executive Producer/Artistic Director

Theatre Within

32nd Annual John Lennon Tribute

Symphony Space, NY, NY

November 30, 2012