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Barbara Pitcher has directed over 35 NYC productions in more than 20 venues . Winner of the Best Director - Jean Dalrymple Award, her work includes Classical, Contemporary, Opera, One Person Plays and Performance Art, with works of Pinter, Chayefsky, O’Neill, Shakespeare, Salinger, Chekhov, opera composer, Mark Grant--and in recent years, introduced 16 new playwrights to the NYC Scene. It’s been said that her directing “has demonstrated the highest quality of Artistry one can imagine.” - As a performer, she worked in TV for 11 years in The Doctors , Search For Tomorrow, The Haunting of Rosalind and many other shows. Highlights of her theatre career include Y Is A Crooked Letter opposite Al Pacino and the creation of Monica in Robert E. Lee’s Sounding Brass . Her film, Pate is an official Sundance Selection, and has received over 15 awards, including The Grand Jury Award at the Worldfest Film Festival.  As an actress, she has “worked out” at The Actor’s Studio (Lee Strasberg, being her mentor). - She is a Permanent Resident Director of the American Theatre of Actors and has a long history with Theatre Within as a performer/ director,
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